A summer of ministry and growth

"My 3 summers as a CIT and Counselor at Twin Lakes were some of the best summers of my life. Ministry training, lifelong friendships, and so much fun."
-Brianna (Booth) Sharbaugh

Positions Available

Seasonal Positions

Cabin Leader

Mandatory training starts on May 25th and ends June 11th. Summer camp starts June 12th and ends on July 30th. Compensation is $3550 per summer.

Requirements: In order for a person to be considered, they must meet the following criteria,

  • Graduate from High School with at least 1 year college experience.
  • Evidence of salvation by word and deeds.
  • Recommendation received by pastor (we will send a form to your pastor).
  • Training or experience in working with children.
  • Ability to teach experientially (will train).
  • Christian College students preferred, but not required.
  • Must agree to the camp's Articles of Faith

As a Cabin Leader, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Actively being engaged and aware of the people around you - specifically campers and LIT staff (Leader In Training); their health and wellness, enjoyment of camp, and spiritual progress.

  • Being creative and unique to make camp a memorable and growing experience - from a creek walk, to the ropes course, to paintball; you’ll use all activities to teach the Gospel and reflect Christ.

  • Constant discipleship - as you are poured into by the TLC staff, you then will pour your life into the lives of your cabin each week. You will be mom, dad, teacher, coach, mentor, and friend.

Physical requirements: walking (including uphill) and carrying backpack between all camp activities, light cleaning weekly, ability to harness up and belay campers on high ropes activities, climb stairs.

Summer Staff Application for Cabin Leaders

Returning staff see "Returner's Application" below.

Program Assistant

Must meet the same requirements as a counselor. Compensation is $3550 per summer.

As a member of the Program Staff, you could be responsible for:

Program Assistants - setting up and tearing down of daily Big Event game, leading camp through debrief unpacking the teaching point from the day’s Big Event, acting as head Cabin Leaders, morning meetings with Cabin Leaders, nightly rounds at lights out, light cleaning at the end of each week.

Ropes Course Instructor - required to be fully certified to run ropes course, daily inspections of ropes course, daily setting up and tearing down each activity, assisting in training Cabin Leaders on ropes course, monitor safety of campers on ropes course.

LIT Mentor - will get to know LITs on a deep personal level, lead devotionals twice a week at LIT meetings, empower LITs to become more engaged with cabins and assist the Cabin Leader, assign achievable tasks each week for LITs to accomplish around camp.

Paintball Instructor - understand the basics of running the paintball course, using provided rules and safety measures to keep everyone safe, making sure those rules are followed, maintain and clean paintball markers weekly after use.

Worship Leader - responsible for assembling the worship team (made up of Cabin Leaders and LITs), gathering and organizing lyric sheets for each setlist, must know how to use the soundboard, lead a weekly worship practice, lead worship at nightly chapels, open daily morning prayer meetings for campers.

Other responsibilities to be split among the team would include capturing and compiling media (photos and videos), Crafts, preparing nightly camp snack, etc.

Articles of Faith

Summer Staff Application for Program Staff

Returning staff see "Returner's Application" below.

L.I.T.'s [Leaders in Training]

If you are 16-18 years old and would like to help make the summer ministry successful by helping in the kitchen, housekeeping, lifeguards or maintenance departments, please consider applying for the Leader in Training position! Compensation is $2000 per summer.

Mandatory training is June 5th-June 11th. Camp starts June 12th - July 30th.

LIT Requirements: In order for a student to be considered, they must meet the following criteria,

  • 16 years old by summer’s end.
  • Evidence of salvation by word and deeds.
  • Recommendation received by pastor (we will provide a form).
  • Previous camp experience at TLC as a camper preferred.
  • Must agree to the camp's Articles of Faith

As a Leader In Training (LIT), you’ll be responsible for:

  • Kitchen responsibilities: preparing meals, washing dishes, cleaning the dining hall.
  • Maintenance responsibilities: grounds keeping, trash removal, minor repairs around camp.
  • Housekeeping responsibilities: cleaning common areas and bathrooms
  • Camp Store responsibilities: cashier, restocking the floor, organization of back stock.
  • Lifeguarding responsibilities: certified lifeguards are to be fully attentive during daily swim times.

*Housekeeping LITs are the LITs who typically serve in the camp store and as lifeguards.

  • All LITs are to be present with cabin when not serving in their specific area at camp. LITs are a vital contribution to their cabin by assisting the Cabin Leader and bonding with campers. The LIT program is designed to be an inside look at what it’s like being a trained Cabin Leader.

Physical requirements: same as cabin leader, additional requirements dependent on job area.

Summer Staff Application for all High School Students.

Returning staff see "Returner's Application" below.

Nurse Extern

If you are a nursing student who wishes to gain valuable experience in pediatric nursing, then please consider this ministry position. You can get more specific information about the program by emailing Jo Newman. Compensation is $3550 per summer.

Requirements: In order for a student to be considered, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Evidence of salvation by word and deeds
  • Must agree to the camp's Articles of Faith
  • Enrolled currently in a professional nursing program with the goal of becoming an RN.
  • Completed the following courses: Assessment, Pharmacology, Human Growth & Development. Completion of Pediatric course is preferred.
  • Current Health Care Provider CPR certification.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from your clinical instructor.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from your pastor.
  • Complete an application.
  • Submit an official transcript.

Nurse Extern Ministry Description
Summer Staff Application for Support Staff

Nurse Volunteers

We would love to have you join us and to help us care of the physical needs of our campers as they are away from home. We have a form for you to fill out that helps us to have a volunteer record on everyone. We have included that form at the bottom of this section so we can keep track of our volunteers and the weeks that they are available to help. Jo Newman is heading up all of needs and we are always seeking new nurses to fill in the gaps and you are our best recruiters. So please encourage other nurses that you might know to join us in the ministry here at Twin Lakes.
The nurses retreat is May 14-15th to go over the procedures for the summer and other information. So we hope that you will make plans to attend if at all possible.

New nurse to TLC: https://form.jotform.com/twinlakescamp/health

Returner's Application

This application can be used for any summer staff returning to the same position as the summer prior. This application should not be used if you were previously a LIT and are applying for a cabin leader position or if you were previously a Cabin Leader and applying for a Program Staff position.