75th Anniversary Celebration

Rejoicing 75 years of Christian Camping at Crystal Lake, Beechwood Lakes, and Twin Lakes Camps.

75th Anniversary Celebration

April 26, 2025

75 years of Indiana Camping

Join us for a day of remembering, giving thanks, and marveling at the grace of God for 75 years of fruitful ministry at Crystal Lake Camp, Beechwood Lake Camp, and Twin Lakes Camp.

10:00 am Crystal Lake and Beechwood Lake Reunions

12:00 pm Celebration Lunch

1:00 pm Camp Activities

  1. Ziplines
  2. Fishing
  3. Camp Tours
  4. Nature Hikes
  5. Trap Shooting

3:00 pm Twin Lakes Camp Reunion

5:00 pm Celebration Banquet

  1. Recognition of Jon & Donna’s 25 years of Ministry

6:30 pm Worship & Praise Service

  1. Message by Camp Director Jim Patten