Discovery Days

Discovery Days

Best Field Trip Ever.

Discovery Days are designed for homeschool students in grades 3rd-6th. We offer 6 program days a school year where students can come and explore nature with us. Our Discovery Days Program is designed in a 3 year rotation. Sign up for individual days or the whole school year! You can also join us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on programs or schedule changes!

Details & Cost

Discovery Days start at 9:30am and end around 2:30pm with a break for lunch (to be brought by the student). Cost is $12 per student. See the schedule below and sign up to join us God's great outdoors!

Discovery Days Schedule

Fall 2022 Dates: August 24th
Program 1: Plant Study
Program 2: Insect Study
Availability: Registration open
Fall 2022 Dates: September 21st-22nd
Program 1: Orienteering
Program 2: Low Ropes Challenge Course
Availability: Registration open
Fall 2022 Dates: October 19th-20th
Program 1: Geology
Program 2: High Ropes Course
Availability: Registration open

Outdoor Education Programs

Water Study- Explore the natural ecosystem of our water systems around camp where we’ll locate, collect, and examine amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and plants.

Plant Study- Let’s take a hike! Students will take a closer look at local trees, flowers, and fungi. We’ll discuss the ecosystems surrounding them and how they are affected by change.

Insect Study- We’ll enjoy collecting and classifying these creepy creatures. Then, we’ll examine their different body parts and functions.

Community Builders - All communities have homes, inhabitants, and places to eat. We’ll look at ecosystems and see who’s there.

Bird Study - We’ll study their eating habits and where they choose to make their homes, while learning how to identify the birds that are all around us.

Creek Walks -Trek through the winding creek and note the diverse scenery. Examine a cliff and catch water creatures.

Orienteering - We’ll learn the basics of a compass and map. Then, we’ll learn how to navigate diverse terrain. This program is only offered for 5th grade and up.

Geology- Learn about the different types of rocks and work at trying to identify them. We will explore the cliff systems that we have at the camp and discuss the beauty of God’s creation.

Archery - We will learn a new skill that takes focus, practice, and hard work. We will learn the health benefits of archery and enjoy the time outdoors.

Night Hike - If staying overnight, come lie in our star gazing field and be overwhelmed with the starry expanse.

Maple Tapping - February and March only (depends greatly on the weather). We will identify maple trees, tap them, collect sap, and boil it down to syrup. We will learn about the history of maple tapping and explore this natural resource. We will also be making a candle.

Adventure Program - Low Ropes - For grades 3rd-12th. Bring your class closer together with these group initiatives located on our very own Challenge Mountain. These challenges will provide experiential learning opportunities to help your students grow closer to God and to each other. A trained facilitator will work with your group as they discover truths about team work, leadership, communication, and care for others. Per person cost is $6.

Adventure Program - High Ropes - Activities available determined by grade. Provide an opportunity for your students to challenge and push themselves while they are having fun! Our high ropes course includes a rock wall, the Sky Zip, the Cliff Zip, Learning to Fly, the Catwalk, Dangling Duo, and the Leap of Faith. $175/per group for 2 hours of high ropes, $100/per group for 1 hour of the Cliff Zipline, and $175/per group for 1 hour of the Sky Zip.

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