Important Information

Summer 2021 Healthcare

These Covid guidelines are subject to change depending on any updates given for summer of 2021

Communicable Disease Plan 

We are working with healthcare professionals and our staff to establish any additional hygiene standards for the summer.  The following measures have already been discussed, and more will follow as best practices are realized.


·      Additional soap dispensers placed in each cabin’s restroom.

·      Additional hand sanitizing stations place in common areas (in addition to the ones already in the dining hall).

·      Additional screening during the check-in process and awareness campaign sent to families before arriving at camp.

·      Daily temperature checks of camp staff with additional checks for food service personnel.

·      Salad bar and cereal bar changes.

·      Door handles, restrooms, and other common usage areas throughout camp, including cabins, will be sanitized on a daily basis, and more often for high-          traffic areas.

·      Other changes as recommended by Health Care and Food Service Professionals.


We are not planning on having campers wear masks, adhere to social distancing or other practices that are abnormal for children.  We will ask that campers not give “high-fives” or other practices that are normal,  but can be redirected to other types of practices like elbow bumps, etc.  This all goes back to our second directive from our camp board, we want our campers to have a good camp experience, that is not alien from what is expected at camp.


While we cannot guarantee the health and safety of our campers, we are committed to having each camper have a great camp experience.  Our first rule is “Have Fun”, and campers aren’t having fun if they are getting sick or getting hurt.  What we are trying to express is that we will do what we can to help campers not be exposed to any type of sickness (like we have every year), and to limit the exposure if it occurs.


Peanut Allergy Information

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