God is at work in campers lives here at Twin Lakes Camp.  For the summer of 2019 we will are looking at how to LIVE BOLDLY 365.  Our lives should not be just 1 day of the week living for Christ but we should reflect the Lord Jesus Christ each and everyday of the year and for our whole lives.  2 Corinthians 3:4 says "Such is the confidence that we have through Christ toward God."  How can we be confident in all that we do?  We can be confident because of what Jesus Christ has done.  Join us Summer of 2019 as we learn and develop that confidence.

June 9 - 14 Elementary 1 Brandon Moses
YP @ Aboite, Fort Wayne
Middle School 1 Brandon Moses
June 9 - 11 Squirt 1 Ashley Nierman
Twin Lakes Staff

Squirt 2

June 12-14

Ashley Nierman
June 16-21 High School 1
Middle School 2
David King
Sr. Pastor CrossPoint - Jasper
June 23 - 28 Elementary 2 Brian Hall
YP @ Calvary, Plainfield
Middle School 3

Brian Hall

June 30-July 5 High School 2 Jim Patten
Sr. Pastor, 1st Baptist,  Valaraiso
Middle School 4 Jim Patten
July 7-12 Elementary 3 Brad Schweibold
Elder, College Park, Indianapolis
Middle School 5 Brad Schweibold
July 14-19 High School 3 Steve Gollner
Sr. Pastor, Mt. Gilead, Kokomo

Middle School 6

Steve Gollner
July 21-26 Elementary 4 Nathan Chambers
Asst. Pastor, East Side,  Crawfordsville 
Middle School 7 Nathan Chambers 

2019 Camper Fees

Camp Fee
Elementary $350 Registration
Middle School $375 Registration
High School $375 Registration
Leadership $395 Registration
Squirt Camp: $125 Registration